Digital Customer Acquisition - PROCESS

The Digital Customer Acquisition process is composed by 8 steps.

Market analysis and positioning
What's your Unique Selling Point, Audience, Competitors.
Digital marketing strategy
Identyfing your potential customers.
Online presence building
Creating the touchpoint between your company and your customers.
Content marketing creation
Creating contents to let the market knows about you.
Content marketing distribution and digital marketing activities development
Attract potential customers to your pages.
Marketing data acquisition, analytics and qualification
Landing page, call to action, visits, bounce rate, convertion rate.
Convert visits into real name of potential customers.
Lead management
Segmentation, customer profiling, lead nurturing, qualification process, digital interactions, marketing automation, lifecycle stage.
Customer acquisition
Done! providing the customer services, improve the customer experience.
10 / 10 stars
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10 / 10 stars
iCleverWeb gave us a great visibility on the internet and we are able to get customer requests from China, Egypt, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States, Greece
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