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Fabio Liotta
Founder and CEO

Fabio Liotta is the Founder of iCleverWeb.
He is a motivated person, results oriented and tenacious entrepreneur with a sound understanding of Digital Market, Information Technology and Software development, with over 14 years of experience.

After studying Industrial Design at the University IUAV of Venice, he began his professional career in the field of communication design taking care of the corporate image of hundreds of Italian and foreign companies (England, Brazil, Hong Kong) on the web.

He was one of the strong advocates promoter of the business model Saas (Software As A Service) and web-based software platforms, develops the first software (FL CMS, CleverCMS, CleverEcommerce, CleverNewsletter) used by hundreds of customers, realizing in advance the cloud software market dynamics.

Then it integrates into a single platform the previous software, creating neXt, a full suite dedicated to SMB companies.

In 2015, during the development of neXt, he founded in London the company iCleverWeb Europe Ltd, owner and sole distributor of the software neXt.

He theorizes an innovative process of acquiring customers in the digital market called "digital customer acquisition process" (DCA) that together with neXt (software) represents the main know how of iCleverWeb.

He is actively involved in the design, development and promoting of iCleverWeb.

10 / 10 stars
Grazie ai software di iCleverWeb riusciamo a gestire la nostra presenza online, acquisendo informazioni sui nostri potenziali clienti in tempo reale
10 / 10 stars
I Clienti ci trovano in rete e ci contattano grazie al lavoro svolto da iCleverWeb
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