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Run your entire business at its best
Our solutions empower your business to understand its customers and to engage with them successfully,
gaining crucial insights so you can adapt to both their needs and market trends.
Marketing solutions
Create a single view of the customer from its first contact to a long-lasting relationship
Convert valuable big data into a meaningful view of what your customers and unknown contacts are up to.
Understand your customers like never before
Personalise the customer experiences for each of your contacts, engage them on a long-lasting relationship.
Lead management
No two customers are alike spot their differences and tailor a unique and personalised approach
Based on their individual preferences you may able to identify different type of customer so you can interact with them better
Landing pages
Drive more leads and revenue from Pay Per Click campaigns with mobile-friendly landing pages
Send paid traffic to high-converting landing pages, increase leads and revenue.
Marketing automation
Nurturing your leads with the information they need to become sales-ready
Determine if your leads are sufficiently interested in your offering, qualified them for your sales team.
Build and monitor dynamic profiles of your customers based on their digital behaviours and preferences, create one-to-one marketing segment.
Understand how your leads are evolving from unknown contact to loyal customers, create a one-to-one digital relationship.
Build successfully partnership that drive valuable performance while you increase partner satisfaction
Reliable end-to-end software solution for the management of channel sales partners
Marketing analytics
Measure your online success, adapt your strategy with meaningful insight
The perfect tools to measure your performance and adapt your strategy to be successful.
Sales solutions
Close more deals, boost your sales productivity, sell online
Engage your customers throughout the buying journey with a easy purchase process across digital channels.
Build a better shopping experience for your customers
Increase sales and revenues, sell more and better online.
Sales process and pipeline
Track deals from qualification to close, fuel the sales pipeline, get a real-time forecasts views
Manage sales activities, track performance and forecast to accurately predict your revenue.
Sales analytics
Get real time sales data to get the most of every opportunity
Real time sales data will help you to boost sales productivity and close more deals.
E-ticket sales
Easily sell tickets online, set your company up for success
Online ticket sales solution for any type of event, make the ticket purchase process simple, track sales in real time from any devices..
Online ordering
Online Ordering System to successfully take delivery orders and engage with your customers
Enable your customers to digitally browse a food menu and easily place a delivery orders
Booking solutions
Boost your online booking and rapidly grow your business
Drive more direct online booking with mobile friendly and customisable online booking engine
Digital marketing solutions
Gain meaningful insight and engage with customers across digital marketing channels
Deliver relevant and personalised experience throughout the entire customer journey
Drive sales, convert leads, increase your ROI with AdWords
A powerful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns will definitely help your company generate leads
Get found by the right audience on search engine like Google
Get more organic search engine traffic to your corporate website
Email marketing
Sell products, share some news, or interact with your customers by personalised one-to-one email messages
Using marketing automation to create powerful automated customer journeys that send the right campaign to the right person at right time
Social media marketing
Build audiences on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
Finding prospects within 3 billions of users.
Inbound marketing
Attracting new customers through creative and relevant contents
Address the problems and needs of your ideal customers across several channels such as blogs, search engines, and social media
SMS Marketing
Connect to your audience, drive conversions, increase sales using SMS
build personalised mobile interactions to match individual preferences and increase sales, brand loyalty and customer care.
Online presence solutions
You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression
4 billions of users can access your corporate website or your e-commerce store. Make sure you appear in a professional way to the world largest audience: the Internet
Corporate website
Your corporate website is still the best answer to an online search
A professional corporate website is by far the best way to attract new business, help customers to find you, and serve as your official presence on the internet
OnePage website
Your successful stories in a beautiful single page
OnePage website is the ideal solution to get online if you have less informations to showcase to your audience.
Social media management
Sync up your social networks, connect with customers put in place a successful social content strategy
Manage multiple social networks and grow your brand
Showcase website
Your professional online presence suitable for your target
Show products specifically for certain industry
Business productivity solutions
Run efficiently integrated business processes, streamline your back office operations
Synchronise your business with a all-in-one software for your back office needs
Recurring billing
Automate your invoicing, manage recurring payments and get paid on time
Grow your business easily with a recurring billing software the help you manage your automated recurring billing services
Invoice and collections
Create and send professional invoices
Automated follow-ups, collect payments easy and fast
Improve the performance of your company with online surveys
Collect and analyse the data for an even deeper understanding of your company’s success
Human resource
Empower recruiting and onboarding processes, recruit the right talent
Promote your company's job opportunities and keep track of any applications easily
Case studies manager
Organise and make the most of your case studies
Show the best case studies, organised by categories, sector, location
Digital Customer Acquisition™
Turning unknown online visitors into known, loyal customers
Digital Customer Acquisition is a unique digital marketing process will definitely help your company grow your audience, boost conversions, identify customers across devices and channels and building a long-term digital relationships.
Cloud computing
Enterprise-class resources and advanced flexibility for your business
iCleverWeb provides a robust Virtual Private Server services to ensure to your business software crucial capabilities such as flexibility, security and privacy.
Transform your business faster and better with help from iCleverWeb business consultancy team
Our business and technical consulting services ensure that your digital transformation programmes will deliver your desired business outcomes.
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