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Segmentation and email marketing to drive more traffic and sales
Sat 6 Oct 2018 / Email marketing

Segmentation is a effective strategy to group your customer base into specific segments according to behaviour and preferences of each of your customers

Once you have created few segments, here are some ideas to interact with them and use email marketing activities to drive more traffic and sales:

- Send special occasion...

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Is email marketing more effective than Facebook and Twitter to generate sales?
Thu 4 Oct 2018 / Email marketing

Social media is today the perfect place for distributing content to a large number of audience, small and large businesses are adopting several strategies to beat the competition and try to appear at the right time to the right person.

However, when it comes to generate sales, email marketing is 40x more effective than Facebook and...

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Why Email Marketing is the Key to Ecommerce Success
Fri 5 Oct 2018 / Email marketing

There is an old true story that every online store owner must to remind: more than 33% of your online store traffic consists of returning visitors (source: Marketing Sherpa).

Despite the effort you can put to attract visitors to your store, it’s crucial to do something more to keep them coming back.

How you can do...

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4 example of segments and 1 mistake to avoid
Sun 7 Oct 2018 / Email marketing

The common mistake that we see, unfortunately, very often is sending the same email to everyone on an email list.
This mistake become huge when it comes to sales.

Imagine you would like to sell a prestigious red wine to everyone, whitout knowing if your subscriber loves red wine and most important can afford a vintage...

segmentation email marketing online sales
5 elements for a perfect landing page
Sat 6 Oct 2018 / Landing page

A landing page is a page that is 100% focused on getting people to subscribe to your mailing list. It has no distractions and no other objectives.

It is important that a landing page get the point without let the visitors get distracted from other useless features, everything that could steal attention should be removed.


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Increase lead generation with lead magnets
Sat 6 Oct 2018 / Digital marketing

Today it is usual to filling up a pop-up form, that appears while you visiting a website, even posts on social media are linked to form with the aim of collecting data, especially email addresses.

The issue here is, how you get people to subscribe another newsletter?

To convince visitors to give their email address you have...

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How crucial is to personalize the customer journey
Mon 1 Oct 2018 / Digital marketing

40% of customers are keen to buy more from retailers that personalise the shopping experience. Personalising the customer journey will result in 300% improvement in customer lifetime value.

How is possibile to personalize the customer journey?

Software is crucial here, you must have a software suite which is able to sharing...

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Why a blog is so important to boost your online presence
Wed 3 Oct 2018 / Online presence

During the years blogs are evolved from a private and funny conversational place to a crucial tool for every company who want to provide some kind of value to their customer base.

If you want to boost your online presence a blog is a tool that can’t be ignored, here is why:

- Blogs can establish your company as an...

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